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  • Application:
    •    Electric fan
    •    Dish dryer
    •    Electric timers
    •    Etc

    •    1.It would cut the power and stop the control system, when working time to be ended;
    •    2.Single Current system; ON-OFF
    •    3.Nicely precise construction to mininize the operation trouble to almost zero;
    •    4.Have continuous ON Current system.

ITEM Specifications
Time Setting Range 60 M, 120 M
Contact Capacity AC200V/1.6A
Time Setting Directing CW. Clockwise
Working Directing CCW. Counter Clockwise
Operating Temperature Range -10°C to +60 °C
Working Angle 270°±5°
Operating Torque 1.05.0kgfcm
Release Torque 0.54.0kgfcm
Time Tolerance ±5% or less
The Bell Ringing Timer 3 seconds
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