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  • Application:
    •    Electric thermal appliance
    •    Electric oven
    •    Microwave oven
    •    Electric timers
    •    Electric steamer
    •    Etc

    •    1. It would cut the power and stop the control system when working time to be ended;
    •    2. Single current system. ON--OFF;
    •    3. Nicely precise construction to mininize the operation trouble to almost zero ,high temperature resistance;
    •    4. The timer will be stopped after alarming one voice. (turn off)

ITEM Specifications
Time Setting Range 3M to 720M
Contact Capacity AC250V 16A
Time Setting Directing CW. clockwise
Working Directing CCW. counter clockwise
Operating Temperature 10°C to +100°C
Working Angle 270º±
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or more (500V DC megger)
Withstand Voltage 1 minute min. at 1500V AC, (or 1 second min, at 1800V AC )
Endurable Life 10000times or more, at 5 times/min
Operating Torpue 3kgfcm
Release Torpue 5kgfcm
Time Tolerance ±5% or less
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